Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembrance Day

It is hard to believe 8 years has gone by since the World Trade Center bombing, do you remember where you were when you got the news?

I was getting ready for a Company sponsered Golf Tournament, with the Mens Wearhouse, not one of the greatest golf tourneys I've ever been to. So if throughout the day today, we can just remember something, from that day that changed our lives forever that would be good.

Goodbye for now.

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Donna and Jim said...

Yo! Its been a long time since you posted. I'm in shock.
OK, 9/11/01 I was laying in bed listening to the 6am news and drinking a cup of coffee when the newcaster was saying that a plane hit the world trade center. As he was speaking the next plane hit and he started yelling as it was happening. It was quite alarming. The first tower fell as I was going to work and talking to mom and dad on the phone. They explained what was happening as I drove. At work, we turned on the tv and saw the 2nd tower fall. One of the most memorable quotes I remember from that day was our boss telling us to "greive on your own time". Jim and I left the next day for Reno. Drove because our flight was cancelled. We went to the Air Show that never happnened because it was cancelled.

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