Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Murphy's Law

Well I should have known this would happen, if you remember my last post about my 2 1/2 hour excursion to the DMV, I was called by my sister Diane on Monday to say that she found my wallet in the couch cushion Sunday night. The law that once you cancel all your credit cards and get new cards, your wallet will show up somewhere seems to be accurate. Oh well I needed to renew my license this month anyway. Bye 4 now


Donna and Jim said...

What a bummer but I'm so glad you found it. That is Murphy's law.

Miss you!

Larry & Shirley said...

Your wallet episode reminds me of last summer...while we were camping, I put my driver's license, cash, and AAA card in a small ziplock bag and put it in a zippered waist pack. Somehow the bag managed to vanish out of the waist pack to never appear again. So I had to get a new license, and I hope if someone found everything, that they used the cash for food (not drugs, etc.)!!! -Shirley

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